Wild and Awake Yoga

Sponsored by Mission Yoga and Yoloha Yoga

• Lakeside yoga
• Wellness alter/natural elements offering area
• Schedule to be announced soon
• Multiple opportunities to practice
• BYOM (bring your own mat and open mind)Bring towel or blanket for extra support
• Limited props/blocks will be available
• Bring water to stay hydrated!!

“He not busy being born is busy dying”– Bob Dylan

We Are Mission Yoga from Mission Yoga on Vimeo.

Mission Yoga:

We believe yoga is a vibrantly alive wisdom tradition and we utilize the ancient texts of yoga as well as modern psychology and exercise science to celebrate our part of that tradition.

Mission Yoga has always been an evolving conversation about what yoga is and where yoga is going. Our hand selected team of senior teachers are known for their distinct voices and their dedication to personal inquiry through meditation as well as movement. They are collaborative in their efforts to create a dynamic conversation between teachers and practitioners that doesn’t define yoga but explores it.

Movement, Meditation, Inquiry, Creativity, and Community are at the heart of Mission Yoga’s vision. We are proud to be considered a place of higher learning within the field of yoga among the teachers and students of Charleston.



Yoloha is here to help you build your physical skills, challenge you along the way, and achieve a greater sense of presence. Our classes are built for all levels, from beginner to advanced.